TPG series industrial UPS (10 ~ 120 kva)



TPG Series Products

TPG series of three in single out industrial-type UPS, single capacity from 10KVA to 120KVA, is designed for power, petrochemical, oil refining, chemical, pharmaceutical, metallurgy and other industries important exchange of equipment, such as background control center hub control panel, RTU change transmitters, communications equipment, a new generation of monitoring equipment, emergency lighting and design of high-performance sine wave uninterruptible power systems, its high availability and high reliability for critical applications provides significant power protection. This series UPS uses the industry's most sophisticated traditional double conversion architecture (VFI), AC input and output fully isolated design, high reliability and extremely fast transient response. The whole design is very simple, easy to maintain.

TPG series of three in single out industrial-type parallel UPS uses advanced digital control technology, provide up to a maximum of 8 units and machine operation, and to provide users 5 times and 11 times harmonic suppression filters and optional SNMP adapter, etc. pieces.

TPG series of technical characteristics

High reliability design

◆Double-conversion online topology architecture (VFI) design, the UPS output frequency tracking, phase lock, regulator and filter out the noise, interference from power fluctuations pure sine wave power, to provide more comprehensive and user equipment Perfect protection;

◆Full isolation design, the system built all input and output isolation transformer, bypass through the external bypass cabinet with bypass isolation transformer isolation, to fight noise, lightning, completely solve the zero voltage power grid system problems. Particularly suitable for use in harsh power environments, and has a strong anti-shock load and short-circuit protection, even when the inverter failure breakdown but also to ensure the load is completely free from threat, and can effectively filter all kinds of surges, ensuring Safe and reliable load equipment;

◆Control Power Fully redundant design, rectifiers, inverters, static switches and other major components, and microprocessor system control panel, the cooling fan runs all the dual sets of redundant DC backstop isolation diode is N +1 redundancy I design, any single point of failure will not affect the operation of the machine, to ensure the stability of the system is very high;

◆50KVA more than the standard 12-pulse rectifier, the UPS input power factor, the 6-pulse rectifier is greater than 0.66 up to 0.97 to 0.83, a significant energy saving; the input current harmonics (THD) to 8% or less, in addition to greatly UPS to reduce its own pollution outside the grid, you can eliminate the load carried by the harmonic pollution and power factor correction;

◆no simple switch operation flow order to avoid errors due to human negligence caused UPS locking operation has no output load without causing loss of power to bypass the problem of downtime and maintenance manual switch even misuse, UPS also will immediately turn to jump bypass output without damaging the UPS inverter ensures that the output is not interrupted;

◆DC busallows the user direct access to the input end of the UPS battery, the battery without the need for specially configured UPS, the user has full use of resources (since many users have their own DC system, typically 110V or 220V DC) reduce outside with battery, reducing investment. Other hand, to prevent accidents caused by damage to the battery, thereby reducing the point of failure to improve the reliability of the UPS.

◆has a battery cold start function. In case of no electricity, because the UPS rectifier BUS voltage can not be established, so the inverter is unable to start, and in the absence of protective measures under the battery if the direct forced open, the capacitor charging current is infinite, may cause DC capacitor explosion. The series has a battery TPG soft-start function, you can limit the capacitor charging current, thereby protecting the DC capacitors. Therefore, in the absence of utility power, the battery can also be directly input switch closure to establish BUS voltage and battery Cold start switch directly activated inverter, the UPS power supply situation in need of emergency under normal use;

◆has allowed backup power (second road mains) input function. For security reasons, some users of UPS with two mains, and TPG specifically for two-way mains user input system provides backup power when the power cut all the way, UPS backup power automatically go to work, backup power In the power was transferred to battery power. Doing so the user can take advantage of existing resources to provide extra protection for the power supply equipment;

◆output zero transfer time to meet the high standards of precision equipment for power requirements;

◆the use of advanced technology and electronic lock-synchronous static bypass switch, to ensure continuity of load power;

◆Built-in manual maintenance bypass switch, to further improve the reliability of the load continuous operation.

Digital control technology

◆application of advanced DSP 32 bit machine digital control technology, a breakthrough technology bottlenecks in the industry to digital logic control system to replace the traditional analog control circuit, a remarkable innovation. In the digital control technology systems, applications, high-speed DSP digital processor and programmable logic devices, the control circuit, parameter setting and operation management more perfect, self-test and self-detection function more powerful. Digital sampling technology is not only beneficial for all connections on the independent circuit circuit self-test and failure analysis, more digitally transformed into extremely pure sine wave voltage and stability, to ensure stable operation of the system over;

◆the use of advanced intelligent battery management system, according to the user's battery configuration automatically adjusts the battery charge current parameters, and based on the battery-powered environments are filled float conversion, temperature compensated charging and battery management. Additionally, you can run through the monitoring interface for battery state detection management to ensure efficient operation of the battery. Intelligent battery management system not only reduces the burden on administrators, extending the battery life of more than 50% (when the battery pack is configured independently);

◆CPU and hardware control lines using two-way protection measures, the UPS susceptible to external electromagnetic interference and more secure. TPG Series UPS dual DSP chips running in parallel on the main core control, coupled with the software, hardware, parallel bidirectional protection measures that can run simultaneously achieve multiple effects protection. In the most serious situation that does not endanger the safety equipment supply;

◆smart guard throughout the timely detection systems, digital control systems for all of uninterrupted power status, breaker status, fuse status and working conditions of all the online detection circuit, when a fault occurs, the system will immediately detect alarm to notify administrators and synchronization starts UPS comprehensive protection.

Superior performance

◆using the most advanced fifth generation IGBT technology to enhance the efficiency of the inverter, the UPS lower temperature rise, higher reliability, while significantly reducing the harmonic content of the output voltage (<3%), the output distortion is small, the UPS has a higher reliability and stability, while improving the overall efficiency of the inverter (> 97%);

◆Wide input voltage range, in the case of full load, the very wide range of input voltage, 380V power grids under the acceptable input voltage range of 307V ~ 475V, therefore, most rely on UPS battery discharge in order to maintain the output voltage Under stable conditions, they can also be run as a normal way of working;

◆fully meet the load from 0-100% of the jump without having to switch to the bypass, and ensure that the output is stable and reliable;

◆instantaneous feedback control using a variety of control methods and RMS, to achieve a high dynamic regulation, reduce the output voltage distortion;

◆using the new vortex fan, excellent thermal performance, speed and energy saving;

Comprehensive and reliable protection measures

◆with power self-diagnosis function to avoid the risk of failure due to hazards that may lead to the UPS;

◆with AC input surge surge protection, overvoltage / undervoltage protection; output overload / short circuit protection; inverter, rectifier over-temperature protection; battery voltage warning protection; battery overcharge protection; variety of fuses, circuit breakers protection and other protection functions, which greatly ensure the stability and reliability of the system operation.

Human information processing technology

◆Goodwill in English and optional HMI touch screen design, intuitive operation status flowchart intelligent touch-screen design icon, makes machine communication distance;

◆UPS running data-rich, multi-layered historical event records and fault code display, makes the human information processing;

◆through RS232 interface, with intelligent monitoring software can be used with a PC for instant messaging, various parameters and status of the UPS system at a glance display on the PC communication interface, by setting, the computer can perform a variety of functions in the UPS system direct control;

◆standard MODBUS protocol RS485 interface and 14 road dry node interface, especially for industrial control field;

◆The external SNMP adapter, the system has a direct Internet access, providing instant messages UPS data and power through a variety of network management platform for communication, management, system instantly become a network.

And advanced digital control technology

◆Digital circulation control technology to ensure parallel UPS into the same frequency, in phase with the voltage, so that circulation between the parallel UPS greatly reduced, to enhance the reliability of the parallel system;

◆unique between different power UPS to achieve and machine size automatically assigned by UPS power load, greatly facilitate the expansion of UPS;

◆insert that came with the card an d the machine (optional) can achieve up to 8 parallel UPS units, improve system reliability, increase the total output power. And stand-alone machines easy to upgrade to, scalability and strong;

◆redundant and closed-loop communication cable machine, and the machine to enhance the safety and reliability;

◆parallel UPS can share the same battery pack that can save investmentcost.

TPG Series Applications

An important communication device power, petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, steel, metallurgy and other industrial fields, such as:

◆production control and protection systems: distributed control system DCS, safety protection system ESD, boiler safety surveillance systems, digital electro-hydraulic regulator DEH, protection devices, automatic fire alarm systems;

◆precision instruments and transmitters, actuators: electrical measurement and protection devices, field temperature, pressure, flow, level, analytical instruments and transmitters, control actuator, solenoid valves, electrical converters, etc.;

◆Computer Information Systems: Network computer monitoring system NCS, control system peripherals CRT, engineer station, computer monitoring, surveillance systems, fault recorders, etc.;

◆Production equipment: special motors, special valves, and other automatic protection devices and so on.


 TPG Series 10-120KVA Technical Specifications Table































System parameters

Rated voltage

380/400/415VAC three-phase three-wire or three-phase four-wire

Voltage Range         

±15% (± 25% adjustable)

Rated frequency     

50/60 Hz auto-identification

Frequency Range

45 ~ 65

Slow start function input power    

There are 0 - 100%, 10-300 seconds can be set

Input power factor cosφ:

Up to 0.99 (plus harmonic filter time)

Overall efficiency (normal mode) 100% load


Load 50%


Overall efficiency (economy mode): 100% load


Maximum leakage current (mA)


Standby economic model

Standard features

Mean time between failures (MTBF):

200,000 hours

Dry contact signal   

Standard 14 contact signal; output 12Vdc 80mA

Computer monitor port

RS485 / MODBUS、RS232

Operating temperature

0 ~ 40 °C

Maximum relative humidity

95% (non-condensing)


Forced ventilation (fan speed varies with load)

Maximum altitude

1000 m rated power (100 m lower -1%) Maximum 4000 m

Noise dB

 52 ~ 58

Protection class (EN 60529)


Inlet and outlet   

Under / post

Safety standards

Safety: GB4943, EN 50091-1; Electromagnetic compatibility: GB7260.2, GB / T 17626.2 ~ 5EMC, EN 50091-2

Physical parameters

Width (mm) W




Depth (mm) D

600 or800




Height (mm) H

1800 or2260

1800 or2260



Weight Kg











Unit number (rated voltage)

110 units (220VDC)

Charge current setting (battery alone configuration)

0.1A x C10

Inverter output

Rated voltage [V]   

220 / 380/415VAC single-phase or three-phase four-wire

Crest factor (Ipeak / Irms)



Sine wave

Total harmonic content (THDv) 100% linear load


Total harmonic content (THDv) 100% non-linear load


Steady-state voltage stability

± 1 %

Transient voltage response

Within ± 5% in 10ms

Rated frequency

And enter the same

requency Stability

When asynchronous, ±0.5%; synchronization, ±2% (can be set to ±1 ~ 5%, by the panel operation)


600 '/ 10' / 1 '(110/125/150% of rated current)

Short circuit 0.1 seconds

2 times the input

Inverter efficiency (100% load)



Rated Capacity [KVA]










Rated voltage [V]   

220/230/240/380/415VAC single-phase or three-phase four-wire

Input Voltage Range       

±15% (can be adjusted from the control panel of ± 10%, ± 20%)

Rated frequency [Hz]

50 / 60

Frequency Range    

±2% (from the control panel can be adjusted to ± 5%)

"STAND-BY ON" (economy mode, the switch from bypass to inverter) conversion time


Inverter / bypass transfer time



10 '/ 1' / 18 "(150/175/200% of rated current)

Standard configuration

Feed-flow protection; bypass independently isolated


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